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    “Photography is a love affair with life.”- Burk Uzzle.

    Holding a million emotions in one single capture is known as photography. Photography is always about the passion that turned into a profession. Vijay Studio started 24 years down the lane, photography as a passion, and gradually became our primary profession. Based in a market of Lucknow, Janpath Market – Hazratganj. Vijay studio has the group of passionate photographers who understands the value of your moment and put in every single drop of their sweat to make it ‘THE SPECIAL MOMENT.’

    Our experienced and the best wedding photographer in Lucknow take immense care to capture the details of your wedding day. Portraits or close-ups, whichever pose, seem perfect for the moment we capture it. The most beautiful memories are captured through our lenses. In brief, we have a team of the most professional photographers of Lucknow. 

    Vijay Studio has come a long way from what it started back in 1997. Now in 2021, the studio is perfectly managed by the duo of father and son. The experience from the father and innovations by the son has taken the studio to the heights of excellence. 

    “Vijay Studio holds a whole generation’s life story in his camera.”


    Vijay Studio aims every day at capturing his best shot than the last one. Hence, making your special day the most memorable day. Capturing your life events in the frame holds countless memories and emotions. Often they say if you want to relive the moments, go through the old albums again and trust that it will bring tears of happiness in your eyes. And that’s what Vijay Studio thrives for. We create your special moments most charismatic and alluring. 


    Vijay Studio is the renowned studio name when it comes to Photograph Studio. The prominence in photography for the last 22 years and intense toil made Vijay Studio one of the best photography studios in Lucknow. A duo of father and son currently excels in both dimensions- experience and enthusiasm with a good knowledge of the latest technology. We have innovative and skilled members who are ignited with exclusive ideas related to photography and videography. Vijay Studio also excels in candid shots, thus being known as the best candid photographer in Lucknow. 

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