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"An Uncommon Story of a Common Man"

Who knew that a young boy of town Vijay Gupta, started his journey with 01 camera to earn his livelihood would be one of the most successful business-men in the field of professional photography. Today, Mr. Vijay Gupta needs no introduction. Today, he is a proud founder of M/s, Vijay Studio® Pvt. Ltd, Hazratganj, Lucknow which is a well-known professional photography studio of Uttar Pradesh.

Talking about his journey, transforming from a local street boy to becoming one of the leading businessmen of state now, he completed his graduation in commerce then and was looking for a decent job for the survival of his family, as he comes from a very destitute family but the destiny wanted something else. When, he found no better job and he thought to do something innovative and tried his hands in the business of photography. He started a photography studio at Daliganj, Lucknow with the name of M/s, Vijay Studio®. It was the time when, photography studios were not in great demand and there were no better opportunities to grow this business. There, Mr. Vijay made a firm-commitment to himself that through his hard work and dedication, he is going to change the mindset of people who do not take the business of photography seriously. He worked rigorously to prove his worth and the worth of this business. After few years, with a teamwork, he took this business to another level.

However, he approached this studio business in a very pragmatic way and started capturing programmes not just as a photographer but as photography planner-cum-manager. He made the people realize the significance of their every small or big occasion. He made understand all that every thing what you see on earth is temporary expect your heart- touching moments captured with cameras. And that changed the perception of people altogether. Today, his well-wishers love him for his excellent approach to photography. As of now, he is managing 02 more companies which made him a great contributor for generating wonderful employment opportunities in the field of professional photography. He has expanded his business all over Uttar Pradesh. Recently, he has also started a photography institution namely PerfectClick in Lucknow, the mission of which is to create skilled workforce again for the nation. He says that the people in India should not only be takers of jobs but also creators of jobs.

Mr. Vijay has received many accolades by various renowned organisations for his great contribution to the society in terms of creating jobs and helping them to earn their livelihood. Recently, he was invited by NTDV, New Delhi to deliver his talk over a topic of “An Uncommon Story of a Common Man” on a chat show in which many others distinguished speakers were also invited. His talk delivered during the show touched many hearts and made the audiences believe in their hard work followed by their destiny. The show will be on air in the June-2022.

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