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Lucknow Wedding Photographer - Check out the most loved wedding photos in Lucknow. Holding a million emotions in one single capture is known as photography. Photography is always about the passion that turned into a profession. Vijay Studio® started 24 years down the lane, with photography as a passion, and gradually became our primary profession.

Lucknow wedding studio based in a market, Janpath Market – Hazratganj. Vijay studio® has a group of passionate photographers who understands the value of your moment and put in every single drop of their sweat to make it ‘THE SPECIAL MOMENT.’

best wedding photographer in Lucknow

Professional Wedding Photographer In Lucknow - High Quality Wedding Pictures And Video

wedding photographer in Lucknow

Every wedding has a story to say, and we at Vijay Studio capture all the emotions in our cameras being the leading wedding photographer in Lucknow.

We are one of the leading wedding photographer in Lucknow and film making company in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Based in heart of Lucknow, Hazratganj at the new Janpath Complex, Ashok Marg, established 22 years ago

Our Services

ring ceremony photography


They say that ring is a token of commitment for the wedding. The Ring ceremony is one of the most crucial ceremonies of every religion, which speaks of the commitment to a new life. Therefore, to capture such beautiful moments, we at Vijay Studio®.


pre wedding shoot in Lucknow


Pre Wedding shoots are now in fashion these days. It is not necessary whether the wedding is arranged or love, but the couple demands a good pre-wedding shoot. Vijay Studio also offers theme-based pre-wedding shoots.


haldi mehendi photography vijay studio


Not only Weddings, but also Vijay Studio is also available to shoot your Haldi & Mehndi Ceremony. Haldi & Mehndi are the two functions that hold the sentiments of many. Make your small gatherings memorable with Vijay Studio. Small gathering calls for clear & appropriate captures.


wedding photography in lucknow


The Most Magical Day is here! The Wedding day, when two souls are bound to be together for life. This lifelong commitment is not limited to two people but brings two families together. A wedding is the most emotional and the most energetic function that has a maximum number of invitees.


Reception Photography


We are the top most studio for photoshoot.


Take Your Life To The Next Level With Professional Wedding Photography Studio

professional photographer in lucknow

A wedding is the most emotional and the most energetic function that has a maximum number of invitees. Vijay Studio, with all its skills, shoots all the energy of the moment. And also captures the most emotional ''Vidai' moment resulting in the best photography studio in Lucknow.

Vijay Studio is a well-known and popular photography studio in Lucknow that has been in business for many years. They have a skilled team of photographers and offer a range of services, so it's worth checking out their portfolio and customer reviews to see if their style and quality meet your photography needs.

Get Ready to Capture your Wedding

Get Ready to Capture your Wedding

Marriage is a happy event. Add stunning photographs to make it even more remarkable. This job is being done by hundreds of photographers. However, it might be challenging to locate a company of this caliber that is genuinely committed to the work they do. As you learn more about us, know that you've arrived at the correct spot.

We are the greatest and most dependable photographers in Lucknow, and we only take the highest-quality pictures. The reason why weddings are so precious to us is because they are to you.

We are one of the best wedding photographer in Lucknow. We are a good choice because of our love of photography and commitment to capturing the best moments of your special day.

Customers who have relied on us for numerous such projects in the past have been quite happy. Since they couldn't find any photographer that could match us, they have returned to us for more assignments.

We think the best photos should be taken covertly. We refer to this kind of photography as "candid." Vijay Studio is a well-known and popular Lucknow wedding photographer.

Expression of Excellence

Expression of Excellence

Vijay Studio is a versatile photographer who is skilled in multiple fields of photography. We are the most renowned and creative photographers in Lucknow. Vijay Studio is doing photography for wedding shoots, pre-wedding shoots, ring ceremony photo shoots, and all other photography regarding weddings. We are the most popular photographer among our clients because of his creative photographs and unique ideas for wedding couple portraits, as evidenced by his official website portfolio. He provides you the quality of excellence in their wedding photography. He has a great number of satisfied customers who love their photography.

What Client's Say?


  • 1. Why is Vijay Studios considered as the best photographer in Lucknow?

    They deliver the best services and premium quality to their consumers based on their needs. They pay close attention to the smallest details to preserve your recollections. When it comes to photoshoots, the most remarkable aspect of Vijay Studio photography is their meticulousness and virtually infectious vibrancy which establish them as Best wedding photographer in uttar pradesh.

  • 2. Do you provide candid photography?

    We film live events and excellent wedding movies. We create gorgeous videos for your special day without losing any of the most important moments. The wedding is shot according to subtly scripted scenes that have been pre-planned. Wedding videography is the most recent evolution of traditional wedding videography. We don’t just send over a videotape of your wedding, we put in our best effort in shooting the wedding video. Shoots the wedding video in which your partner is the hero. A wedding appears to be a videographer’s dream come true. The joyful crowd was dressed to the nines. Have a beautiful or at least well-decorated, location in which to shoot? We also obtained the true emotions that make for a truly captivating video.

  • 3. Why is Vijay Studios considered the best candid photographer in Lucknow?

    Vijay Studio has such an amazing talent for capturing ‘moments’ (candid photography) which is exactly what everyone wants on their special day.

  • 4. Why to choose us as wedding photographer in Lucknow?

    In India, Vijay Studio photography is well-known for wedding photography. They have a team of experienced photographers and videographers based in Lucknow that put their all into their work and document the wedding brilliantly. They’ve been with WedMeGood for a long time and have more than 7 years of experience. They deliver the best services and premium quality to their consumers based on their needs. They pay close attention to the smallest details to preserve your recollections. When it comes to photoshoots, the most remarkable aspect of Vijay Studio photography is their meticulousness and virtually infectious vibrancy. They offer wedding photography and cinematography services, as well as pre-wedding images, videos, save-the-date videos and photos, teasers, and wedding films.

  • 5. Why to choose us for the pre-wedding shoot?

    Every time, the moments are priceless, and everyone wishes to taste them with his or her palette. Pre-wedding photography is a tool in that aspect, it is very functional, as couples want to more so rehearse how they will feel at the time of wedding and many other emotions they go for pre-wedding photography, in the aspect of pre-wedding they choose their favorite destinations, places or locations of their choice and invite photographer there to go for the shoot-out in this they can very well take an idea or assess how they will look, and more importantly their desires to be alone with each other or with people of their choice. This is also an excellent chance for the photographer to demonstrate his abilities and impress the clientele. LUCKY PRE-WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER We are Vijay studio, and one of our specialties is making moments come alive. Pre-wedding photography is a collection of our favorite photos and video stills that will astound and enchant you! If you’re planning a pre-wedding photoshoot and are passionate about photography, you’ve come to the right place.

  • 6. How can I find a good wedding photographer in Lucknow?

    By taking these steps, you can find a good wedding photographer in Lucknow who will capture your special day in the way you want it remembered.


    • Ask for referrals
    • Check their portfolio
    • Consider their experience
    • Read reviews
    • Schedule a meeting
    • Discuss your needs